Sioux Falls Zoo Coupons


Sioux Falls zoo coupons

If you are planning a trip to Sioux Falls; you should be prepared to visit the Great Plains Zoo. You should have Sioux Falls zoo coupons in your hand bag to decrease the high expenditure at the zoo. Sioux Falls zoo coupons can be obtained directly from the zoo or from hotels in the surrounding areas.

If you want to help then help as a volunteer at the Sioux Falls zoo and get the benefits of satisfaction of helping those who need your help, free subscription to zoo’s newsletter and discounts at Zootopia Gift Shop and market place.

Visit the zoo with an educational group or any other group of 20 or more people and receive special admission charges.

You can even purchase one of the several zoo membership plans and benefit from 15% discount at zoo camps and educational programs. You are even eligible for discounts at 150 reciprocal zoos in America. You are even eligible for free visits to the zoo for 12 months from the date of purchase of membership.

Sioux Falls zoo

Great Plains zoo is situated on a land area of 45 acres and is an attraction of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The zoo is extremely careful about 150 animal species; these animals belong to those 36 species that are feared to become extinct. The total head count of the animals living in the zoo is 850 and the zoo is accredited by AZA. The zoo is renowned for hosting more than 0.22 million visitors each year.