Santa Barbara Zoo Coupons


Santa Barbara zoo coupons

You should obtain Santa Barbara zoo coupons in order to take advantage of the offerings of Santa Barbara zoo. Santa Barbara zoo coupons allow you to spend huge amount of time at the zoo without being concerned of spending too much on entertainment.

Children and seniors pay less than adults for general admission pass. Collage students receive 50% discount on general admission ticket of an adult on the purchase of a fully paid adult general admission ticket. The students should be adults and should present their ID card to receive the discount.

You can become gain the satisfaction of doing community work and helping others by becoming a member of the Santa Barbara zoo. The money you spend on membership is used to pay for the expenses of animals care.

Purchase the membership and the zoo offers you benefits including: free parking, free 12 moths visits to the zoo, free newsletter subscription, 10% discount at the gift shop, free and discounted visits to more than 100 reciprocal zoos, and special member on benefits.

Santa Barbara zoo

Santa Barbara zoo is located near the ocean in Santa Barbara, California and cover a total land area of 30 acres. The zoo was formerly named as Child’s Estate Zoo; the zoo is famous for hosting a giraffe with a cooked neck and has 600 other animals that excite the visitors and make the visitors visit the zoo again and again. Santa Barbara zoo is a part of the AZA and is working very hard for the well being of the animals.