Santa Ana Zoo Coupons

Santa Ana zoo coupons

If your child loves learning and takes likes to memorize names of animals by pictures in books, then the right place for you is Santa Ana zoo.

Santa Ana zoo coupons provide you the facility of special discounts, every time you visit the zoo. With Santa Ana zoo coupons you can frequently visit the zoo and have a lot of fun with your family.

Children under 3 years can visit the zoo free of cost. Wheelchair facility is available for disabled people. Residents of Santa Ana can visit the zoo on third Sunday of every month, without any charges.

Membership benefits include free unlimited visits to the zoo throughout the year. Discounts of 10% on Toy shops and snack bars and of 20% on birthday parties are exclusively available for the members. Attractive and informative newsletters filled with latest zoo details are given to members.

Members are also invited to programs and events especially designed for them. They can also get the opportunity for free and discounted visits to almost 150 zoos in United States.

Santa Ana zoo

Santa Ana zoo is located in California, occupying an area of 20 acres. The zoo was inaugurated in 1952. The objectives of the Santa Ana zoo are recreation, education and conservation. The zoo is never closed except Christmas day, New Year celebration and 4th Saturday of August.

Daily timings are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. though it may exceed to 6 p.m. on weekends. Animal collection includes a large variety of monkeys, apes, Giant Anteater, Margay Cat, Swans, ducks, Macaw, owls, Goose etc.

Children are mostly attracted to the very popular, Zoofari Express children’s train.