Milwaukee Zoo Coupons

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Milwaukee zoo coupons

Milwaukee zoo consisting 2500 animals on 200 acres of land, serves a warm welcome to its guests. This zoo is popular among a good strength of public due to promotion of awareness of wildlife and loads of funs which people definitely experience during the wonderful trip.

It is advisable to obtain Milwaukee zoo coupons before you set out for the adventure. Zoo visit can be quite expensive without utilizing the discount facilities of Milwaukee zoo coupons.

Winter admission rates are $2 less than summer rates. In summers, junior guests get to visit the zoo at $3 off while senior guests get a discount of $1 per admission. Children of 2 years and less can enter the zoo free of cost.

To encourage more and more people to visit the zoo, Milwaukee zoo offers group discounts for groups of at least 20 individuals. Adults who are a part of a large group can enter at the price of junior guest admission charges, while junior members of the group can take advantage of a further $3 reduction on admission as compared to normal individual price for a child.

Milwaukee County Residents can enter free of cost on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

Milwaukee zoo

The Milwaukee zoo is the property of Milwaukee, in Wisconsin.

This zoo operates all the year round, from 2:30p.m on weekdays and for 2 more hours on weekends. These are the timings when winters are at peak. Rest of the year, Milwaukee zoo is open between 9a.m. to 4:30p.m.