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Rhino at the Zoo

Granby zoo coupons

Visit the Granby zoo during these vacations and get a chance to be entertained by the unique and lovable animals in this world. Obtain Granby zoo coupons and spend a full fun and discounted day at the zoo.

With Granby zoo coupons you get a lot of discounts and you are able to save lot of money while you are enjoying at the zoo. Visit with a 20 member group and enter the zoo with special group rates. The group can be an educational group or a family group; to get the discount you have to register before visiting the zoo.

  • People who have purchased the life membership with the zoo can visit the zoo at discounted prices.
  • General admission is free for people who purchase annual pass and the zoo offers a special family package t very discounted prices.
  • With Annual pass; you receive a 15% discount at the zoo’s restaurant, the member gets a member only bracelet which makes him eligible for special discounts.

Granby zoo

Granby Zoo is located in Quebec, Canada and is reported as one of the best attractions of Quebec. The zoo was founded by the mayor of Granby during 1953 and since then the zoo is educating and spreading awareness about wildlife among 0.5 million visitors each year.

The zoo takes care of more than 1000 animals of 200 species and is recognized by and member of AZA, CAZA and WAZA. The zoo has several exhibits and rides so children and adults can easily spend their time at the zoo.

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We are planning to visit the zoo and are 2 kids with 2 adults

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