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El Paso zoo coupons

El Paso zoo has accommodated a lot of animals so that children and adults can learn about different animals under one roof. With El Paso zoo coupons you can enjoy your stay at the zoo without being concerned about your expenses.

El Paso zoo coupons are available at the zoo and the hotels in the surrounding areas. The zoo offers free wheel chair service to its disabled visitors. The zoo will take your ID card to provide you with free wheel chair.

Receive discount on general admission pass if you are a spouse of a military worker or an active military worker. People above the age of 60 are even eligible for discounts on general admission ticket.

The best way of learning is by real life experience and learning with a group of people. Visit the zoo with a group and learn about the secrets of animal kingdom.

El Paso zoo

Many animal care taking organizations have named the animals of El Paso zoo as endangered animals and species. There is a huge list of animals that the zoo is taking care of on a land area of 35 acres. The total number of animal species living at the zoo and spending their time entertaining and educating the world is 220. El Paso zoo is a proud member of AZA and is taking care of the unique living things of this world.

Major zoo exhibits and attractions include: Animals of Africa, Asia and America. The animal of Africa exhibits contains giraffes, lions and zebras.