Dickerson Park Zoo Coupons

Tiger in the Zoo

Dickerson park zoo coupons

Dickerson park zoo is a place where your imaginations take the form of a real picture. You can now praise the miracles of unique creatures, even the fiery lion and that also just a few steps away without being in any danger.

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Admission charge per adult individual is $8, but group discount enables every adult to enter at a reduction of $3.

Dickerson park zoo

Dickerson park zoo is a famous spot in Springfield, United States. It was inaugurated in 1922, and became well established in 1930 with the help of WPA labor and funds.

Dickerson park zoo comprises of 160 animal species, some of which are: Bald Eagle, Flamingo, Kookaburra, and Yellow-throated Toucan, Asian Elephant, Cheetah, Hippopotamus, Tiger, Baringo Giraffe, Lion, Gray Wolf, Red Fox, Red Kangaroo and others.

Duration of zoo hours are from 9a.m. to 5p.m in summers, and from 10a.m. to 4p.m. in winters. Guests can remain in the zoo one hour after admission hours get over. Dickerson park zoo is open all the year except for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year and in case of heavy snowfall.