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Como zoo coupons

Como zoo is not just a place where animals live behind bars or in bounded area. It is about the life of different kind of animals. Como zoo enables the visitors to have a close look at the playful and friendly nature of animals, their innocent mischievous habits and the way they care about their young ones.

One will definitely feel very affectionate towards wildlife, once you have a survey of the zoo. Como zoo coupons provides with several facilities for frequent affordable visits to the zoo. You can easily print out Como zoo coupons from zoo websites.

Membership facilities of Como zoo are very ideal and people who visit regularly must obtain an annual membership. Member privileges include visit to 400 zoos and gardens nationwide, either free of cost or at reduced prices; special invitation to events, new animal arrivals and to feel the pleasure of observing new exhibits; free quarterly newsletters; 15% discount on gift shop and Garden Safari gifts and 10% discount on educational programs and summer caps.

Como zoo

Como zoo is a very charming facility. The floral environment of its various gardens generates a unique soothing touch in all corners of the zoo.

Como zoo started operating in 1897. It is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA and possesses 125 species of animals. Other attractions for the entire families include fine art display, free entrance to Como park, athletic fields, Golf ground, Como pool and Zobota café.

The zoo remains open from 10a.m. to 4p.m. and featured animals include Flamingo, Giraffe, Gorilla, Lion, Penguin, Polar Bear and Sea Lion.