Chaffee Zoo Coupons

Elephant at the Chaffee Zoo

Chaffee zoo coupons

The regular admission charges of Chaffee Zoo are $7/adult, $3.5/child and $3.5/senior. To get discounts on these admission charges you should obtain Chaffee zoo coupons. Chaffee zoo provides you other discounts such as: food and gift shop discounts.

You can plan a private event at the zoo; it can be a birthday, a corporate event or a wedding and receive discounted group admission prices. Educational programs can be arranged at the zoo at special group rates.

Obtain a membership or renew your prior one to receive free admission to the zoo for 13 months. Members get special privileges, they get invitations to member only events, and they receive discounts at gift and food shops and stalls and free quarterly news letters.

Chaffee zoo

The mission of Chaffee zoo is to increase the love and affection people have for nature and the animals. The Chaffee zoo wants people to help preserve nature so our future generations can benefit from it.

Chaffee zoo opened during 1929; it is even registered by AZA. This means that Chaffee zoo has very good standards and they are really working hard for the cause of helping animals. The zoo is not only a home for several animals; it is even the host of Winged Wonders Bird show.

The keepers of the zoo are trying very hard and have even made a plan for the expansion of the zoo so more animals and people can be accommodated and this will even help in educating more people at the same time.