Blank Park Zoo Coupons

Otter at Blank Park Zoo

Blank park zoo coupons

Generally people are animal lovers. Many people keep animals as pets, but mostly it is not affordable and practically possible to keep more than 2 or 3 animal varieties as pets. If animals are so close to your heart, then Blank park zoo journey will definitely be a breath taking experience for you.

It is advisable to obtain Blank park zoo coupons first and then explore the animal world. Blank park zoo coupons provide a lot of financial benefits. No admission charges for children under 2 years. Winters bring along special discount on admission charges. In summers, children between 3 to 12 years get $5 entry reduction, and elderly above 60 years can enter at $2 discounted price.

Wheelchairs are provided for journey of the zoo without any charges. Special group discounts are offered on groups of 20 individuals or more. Several facilities are provided to the members, including free daytime unlimited admissions, 10% discount on gift shop and safari grill, free or discounted tours to over 160 zoos across the nation, special discount on many event and educational events. Mondays have exclusive discounts in store for members. On Mondays, members get one free train ride and 20% discount on gift shop.

Members can enter the zoo as early as 9:30a.m.on Saturdays and Sundays.

Blank park zoo

Blank park zoo is located in Des Moines, USA. This zoo started on 8th May 1986. It occupies an area of 22 acres and comprises of several animal species including Emperor scorpion, Finches, Macaw, Butterflies, Egyptian Fruit Bat, Red tail catfish, goat, many type of cats etc.