Beardsley Zoo Coupons

Cheetah in the Zoo

Beardsley zoo coupons

One of the finest family entertainment spot in Connecticut is Beardsley zoo; visit the zoo with Beardsley zoo coupons and obtain special discounts. Beardsley zoo coupons will pay for your bills while you spend an entertaining day at the venue.

On certain days of the year; adults aging from 12 and above can visit the aquarium at children’s general admission prices. School groups and non profit organization’s groups of 10 or more than 10 people receive special admission rates. The group has to register three weeks and pay two weeks prior to their visit.

Individuals who purchase a membership with the zoo get benefits such as: discounts on birthday parties, free full year admission, zoo discounts, and zoo bucks variety pack and free guest’s visits.

Beardsley zoo

The Beardsley zoo is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut and has been there since 1884 and this venue covers a land area of 100 acres which was donated to the city by James W. Beardsley.

The zoo welcomes more than 0.25 million visitors each year; these visitors gain education from the various educational events and programs that take place almost on regular basis at the aquarium.

Children and adults get a chance to view more than 305 animals of 110 species. These animals include: anacondas, monkeys and ducks. There are various exhibits in the zoo; these include: Predator, hoostock, aviary, rainforest and farmyard.

The zoo is always open from 9am to 4am except Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day.