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Albuquerque zoo coupons

Animals are the cutest living things. Even a lion is very cute but it is a bit dangerous. Still people love lions and all the other animals. Animals at home provide a sense of comfort to their keepers. Same way; animals at zoo even provide great comfort to their visitors.

Albuquerque zoo coupons allow you to be near your favorite animals. Albuquerque zoo coupons even save you from spending too much.

Group discounts are offered to school groups so they can learn about the important aspects of life through wild and live experience.

If you have membership of certain other zoos and aquariums then you can visit the aquarium at 50% discount. Volunteers are eligible for free admission and some discount on food and gift shop items. Benefits to volunteer vary according to membership.

Members are eligible for free one year visits to the zoo, they receive free newsletter, special invitations to special events and discounts on educational programs, food shop and gift shop. Members of Albuquerque zoo are eligible for visiting various zoos and aquariums for free.

Albuquerque zoo

Rio Grande Zoo is a portion of the Albuquerque Biological Park. It is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has been developed on a land area of 64 acres and consists of 270 species of animals. The zoo opened to the world during 1927 and is even accredited by AZA.

The animals in the zoo are divided according to the continents they live in; this is done to educate people about the home land of different animals. These exhibits include all the six continents in this world.