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Do you are your family love going to see all the amazing animals at the zoo?  Let ZooCoupon.org help you find deals on the Zoo closest to you.  You’ll find our zoo coupons and zoo deals will help you save money on your trip to the zoo.  Not only do we post specials on zoo admission, but also check out the insider information for all sorts of deals and tips once you get inside the zoo.

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The Zoo – An Amazing Place

Zoo Coupon is an organization that believes the zoo is a place that can release the dreams and imagination of kids and adults alike.  Zoos give you a chance to see and experience the wonderful and amazing things nature has to offer.   The offer hands on activities for kids and adults to participate in.

Pet, Feed and even hold some animals at the zoo.  From Birds, Mammals, Reptiles and so much more.

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Let zoo coupons help you save a little bit of money by letting you know of deals and specials and coupons for the zoo nearest you.  Remember to contact us if you know of a great deal for your local zoo.

Zoo Pictures

Also check out our Zoo Gallery.  And if you have a picture to share with us we’d be happy to put it on our site.  Just contact us.

Zoo Protection

Zoo’s all across the nation participate in animal protection programs and animal rehabilitation programs which really make a difference.

At the Woodland Park Zoo in Washington State they have an Bald Eagle Rehabilitation center and they have saved and released dozens and dozens of Eagles over the last decade.  Projects like these from Woodland Park plus many more organizations is one of the big reasons that the Bald Eagle, our nations bird, is no longer on the endangered species list.

Zoo’s go beyond just having animals for people like you and me to see.  They are involved deeply with helping these very animal species have a better future on our planet.

It is the money that they raise from people like you and me visiting the zoo that allows their researchers and scientist to participate in programs that save the lives on animals.

Zoo Corruption

Just like everything in this life there are always a few bad apples in the group.  This is no exception in the zoo community.  There have been investigations that have found zoos to be mistreating animals for the sake of a profit.  Animals die in zoos all the time, but sometimes the deaths are suspicious because the animal was healthy and then suddenly died.

Zoos are held to some form of accountability, but it is often the public that becomes aware of a potential issue.  You can help by getting involved with your zoo and getting educated.

Animals need to be protected so their future and our future is secure for generations to come.

Zoo Coupons

This is why we offer zoo coupons.  We want you to save some money, but take your family and friends to go to your local zoo.  These actions help perverse and protect the animals that we all love so very much.